Connecting Asian Investors to the UK

Citizenship and residency programmes are booming.  These programs provide investors and their families with a direct route to the UK, with the added benefit of enjoying all the rights and privileges available to UK citizens.

Benefits of Residency in the UK:

High Standard of Living

Personal Security

Financial Stability

World-Renowned Education

Retain Dual Citizenship

From 29 March 2019, the main routes for Business founders include:

T1 Visa Investment Required Investment purpose Settlement Eligibility Family Allowed Benefit
Investor Visa £2,000,000 Yes Yes Permitted to work, study or engage in business.
Innovator Visa £50,000 Yes Yes Permitted to work in own business only.
Start-Up Visa N/A No No Permitted to take on part-time work outside their business.
Alternatives to consider are:
Sole Representative Visa N/A N/A Yes Yes Permitted to work for the business you represent

Tier 1
Investment Funding

Tier 1
Innovation Funding

Tier 1
Start Up Funding

Representative Visa

Why Choose Us:

The AIH is considered the international ‘gold standard’ for business investment and will meet your aims of owning and managing a successful enterprise and migrating to the UK.

Our dedicated advisors will assist with:

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Tier 1
Investment Funding

Tier 1
Innovation Funding

Tier 1
Start Up Funding

Merger & Acquisitions


To find out more about our UK Residency & Citizenship Funding services or to join the AIH, please contact us by:

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