The Asian Investment Hub was established in 2014, in the United Kingdom (UK).  As a UK organisation offering transnational investment we aim to provide the best possible investment experience to investors and businesses abroad – to fulfil your global ambitions and strengthen your overseas reputation.

Our Mission:
1. To assist in global enterprise connectivity as a single global entity.
2. To be your trusted preferred partner for first-class products and unrivalled service delivered by a dedicated team. For all businesses from start-up to enterprise.
3. To transform the digital experience of your overseas investment and business by facilitating global trade and investment that is reliable, efficient and secure.
4. To assist in inward investment in the UK by connecting and collaborating with investors and business around the world.

How will AIH help my investment or business:

At AIH we will help you with:

Depend on our expertise:

As an independent organisation working to help businesses succeed, we are on your side. We have knowledge, reputation and expertise in global connectivity. We are routed through international networks that support …

Who is this service for?
This paid-for service is aimed at any investor or business with global ambitions. You don’t need to have huge capital to be a client. You just need an entrepreneurial flair and ambition.  Anyone who wants to benefit from our experience in this field.

Why become a member of AIH:


Through the world class Asian Investment Hub you can collaborate anytime, anywhere supported by our connectivity services.


We offer reliable and resilient access to key resources and sites through private and point to point connections.


We will support your investment and business through our managed investment services and business management consultancy.

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