Connecting Asian Investors to the UK

What is the AIH start up programme?

We seek out entrepreneurs with the most innovative ideas and then use our expertise to guide them through a start up journey. Our network includes – business angels, VC’s, mentors, founders, entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, business consultants, recruiters and HR advisors. We love great ideas, so are interested in pitches from all types of start up

Benefits of the Start up programme:

Propel your business or idea in the right direction. We can open up doors to the right people to help your company

The start-up programme gives successful applicants will be given access to:

  • Help to set up your company and business infrastructure
  • Know-how on doing business in the UK
  • Some of the best business mentors
  • A support network
  • Expert 1-2-1 business advice or coaching
  • Access to legal, tax, accounting, marketing and strategic support and other professional partners
  • Help to find a co-founder
  • Training and workshops
  • Details of any grants available
  • Analysis of your current investment proposition
  • Access to a portfolio of businesses who can add value and growth to your business plan
  • Access to validated market opportunities
  • Early stage funding
  • Help to perfect your pitch
  • Help you become market and/or investor ready


The selection cycle is run on a monthly basis. You’ll need to prepare a 2 hour pitch on your amazing business idea. We admit businesses on a rolling basis – so there is no need to wait!

What we look for: 

The general guidelines on what we look for are summarised here:

  • Innovative idea that is viable and scalable
  • Well thought out ideas that bring something new to the market and are created by a founding team with big ambitions and plenty of determination
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for help developing their brand or product while figuring out their place in the market segment
  • Rapidly growing business - with a clear plan for the future, looking for funding to take their company to the next level and realise their ambitions both in their home market and later on a global scale
  • Pre-launch and early stage businesses - Founders are looking for help to get started, or growing business with a clear plan that needs funding to realise their founding vision
  • Ambitious founding team – Strong and passionate founders and entrepreneurs who want to continue to drive their businesses, get to significant size and sell in a number of years at an agreed future date

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